Choosing a meal plan is essential to loosing weight  and slimming down and could possibly be your secret weapon to doing so and start living a healthy lifestyle.  Learn how to make meal planning easy by including healthy recipes and foods in your meal plan that fill your diet with vegetables fruits, whole grains and proteins. Before choosing a meal plan figure out how many calories you should be consuming per day, make sure you do not go below a 1200 calories diet per day.

For a 1200 calorie diet here’s how you want to portion your calories throughout the day.

Breakfast (Aim to consume 250- 300 calories):


Herbalife Formula 1 Shake (Mixed with protein drink Mix)

Herbal Concentrate Tea (raspberry)


Total 215 calories

For Lunch (Aim to consume 300-350 calories)


Grilled chicken Salad with Avocado

Herbalife Concentrate Tea (Raspberry)

A Total of 340 calories

For Dinner (Aim to consume 300-350 calories)


Clementine and Five Spice Chicken

Herbal Concentrate Tea (raspberry)

A Total 360 Calories

Snack Suggestions


*Herbalife Protein Bar

*String cheese

*Herbalife Soy Nuts

Have Morning and Afternoon snacks


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